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Disability employment basics

  • What does disability mean?
    What does disability mean, and how does it impact a person’s ability to work? Everyone’s experience of disability is different, so it’s important to focus on the individual.
  • Diversity makes good business sense
    Diversity and inclusion at work matters – and hiring people with disability is a big part of that. Find out why you should employ people with disability and the benefits it can have.
  • Using inclusive language
    The way we communicate has a big impact on how well people with disability can integrate at work, and even in everyday life. Making sure we are being polite, respectful and considerate is key to building an inclusive workplace.
  • Workplace modifications made easy
    Sometimes when we hire people with disability adjustments need to be made. Find out about the different supports and services available through JobAccess to make these changes.

Fundamentals for organisations

  • Best practice policies and procedures
    Understanding policies and procedures and what discrimination looks like is an important step towards an inclusive workplace.
  • Advice and support for employers
    When creating policies, procedures and hiring people with disability – you are not alone. There is a range of support available for recruitment, adjustments, training and more.

Recruiting people with disability

  • Design and advertise your job
    Once you are open to hiring people with disability, you need to know how to design and advertise job positions so that people with disability are encouraged to apply.
  • Interview and selection process
    Interviewing people with disability for a job means understanding how to prepare the right questions, and knowing your role in the process.
  • Successful and unsuccessful candidates
    Whether you’ve selected a person with disability for the role or someone else, you need to know how to let them know the news and give constructive feedback. 

Getting your workplace ready

  • Employment Assistance Fund
    The Employment Assistance Fund is a free government service available to help make modifications to the workplace as easily as possible.
  • Making physical workplace adjustments
    Sometimes physical adjustments need to be made to make sure people with disability have the same chance to work as effectively as anyone else.
  • Sourcing assistive technology
    Sometimes people with disability require assistive technology to complete their job to the best of their ability.

Managing your team

  • Managing an employee with disability
    Many people with disability won’t require any specific management or help, but some might. Find out how to create a supportive, open working environment for people with disability.
  • Disability and awareness training for staff
    When you hire people with disability, sometimes other team members will need help knowing what to do and say. Find out how to help them prepare.
  • Flexible work arrangements
    Flexible working arrangements can mean a number of things. Being open to the idea and understanding how to implement these arrangements can be a great benefit to any organisation.
  • Celebrate achievements
    Sharing your successes, challenges and stories

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