The Access for People with Disability is all about accessing support and providing you with information on disability employment.

Available support provides information to help you get Australian Government financial support for workplace modifications, details of other government support, tips on looking for and changing jobs, understanding your workplace and flexible working arrangements, how to feel comfortable about disclosing your disability and talking to colleagues about your disability, links to training and development courses and how to search for current vacancies.

Your rights and responsibilities is a summary of the rights of people with disability and the responsibilities you have in your job and at your workplace. 

The videos showcase people with disability and their stories through talking about their employment arrangements, flexibility in the workplace, support they have received in the workplace and being comfortable about disclosing their disability. 

Downloads section is where you will find information sheets about JobAccess and its support services and posters that you can print for your workplace.

Disability Types – Information about medical conditions or disability types is available on the Health Direct website which details a range of conditions and links to further support services, state government and health care sites.