Workplace modifications made easy

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  • When do people with disability need adjustments?
  • Support through JobAccess
  • The Employment Assistance Fund

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People with disability don't often need any specific workplace changes to be effective in their jobs. So it's important not to just assume that people with disability need changes in the workplace. However, for those that do, advances in technology have made it possible for more people with disability to engage in everyday work and communication. For employers, it is easier than ever to make simple workplace adjustments to remove barriers to employment when needed. Many workplace adjustments simply involve the application of good HR practice that you would do for any new employee. With the right information and support, making workplace modifications is easier than you think. The JobAccess website offers practical advice and information around specific types of disability and workplace adjustments. Which can help a person do their job to the best of their ability. JobAccess can help you find out about specific types of disability, and the kinds of workplace modifications or solutions that might be helpful. You can also find out about the Employment Assistance Fund, or EAF, which provides employers with financial assistance to purchase a range of work related modifications and services. You can also call a JobAccess advisor, for confidential disability employment advice that is tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. People with disability face many barriers everyday from physical obstacles in buildings, to systemic barriers in the community and in employment. Yet often, the most difficult barriers to overcome, are attitudes about what a person with disability can achieve. Helping to remove these barriers could lead you to finding the best person for the job.

Sometimes when we hire people with disability, adjustments need to be made. Find out about the different supports and services available through JobAccess to make these changes.

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