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Now your organisation has committed to an inclusive workplace, you will need to design and advertise your job to encourage people with disability to apply. One way to attract suitable candidates with disability is with a clear and well thought out job description. Ensure your job description is written in plain English and clearly states your expectations for the job. Avoid internal jargon. Focus on what tasks need to be achieved, rather than exactly how they are achieved. There may be some unique ways people work which you haven't considered. What are your requirements? Are they essential to the position or just nice to have? Consider a customised job to make it suitable for a range of disabilities. Target particular vacancies specifically for people with disability or offer traineeships and apprenticeships.

[Auslan Interpreter] So I've worked in the painting industry. I'd heard a lot of deaf people work for Australia Post, and I heard that they were very happy. So I came for an interview, and was very successful and went back to my current workplace and said, "Sorry, I'm out of here", and I've been at Australia Post ever since.

[Auslan Interpreter] Before I came to Australia Post I applied for many different jobs. Through different government agencies I applied for work and I was often told, "You're a deaf woman, no we can't give you a job." I went to employment agencies and asked them to help me apply for a job and it was actually an employment agency that helped me get my position here at Australia Post.

My role is Human Resources Advisor. It's important for organisations and all the big corporates, to make sure that everybody has the ability to be employed. So advertising at length to see anything as a barrier in applying for a role at an organisation like this.

Including a statement like applications from people with disability are welcome is a great start. But there are more ways to encourage candidates to apply. Taking a flexible approach to job creation and trying new ways of working is one example. This will also demonstrate your commitment to a workplace that represents diversity which is good for business. Providing flexible work arrangements while still ensuring your business needs are met, can help to create a positive and attractive workplace for a diverse range of people, including people with disability. The positive impact that flexible work arrangements has on productivity, staff morale and motivation, may surprise you. When you're ready to advertise your position, there are a few simple ways to show your readiness to employ people with disability. Include a simple statement about your organisation's commitment to disability employment on your website and in the job world. Create accessible job advertisements that can easily be read by screen readers. Be willing to provide vacancy and application information in alternative formats, like hard copy, audio and large print. Hold face-to-face information sessions about the job and encourage people with disability to attend. You can also add contact details at the National Relay Service, to encourage candidates who are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment. Remember Disability Employment Services exist to help you. There are providers across the country that specialise in finding employment for people with disability. Job Access can promote your job vacancy to the national network of Disability Employment Services, reaching over 180,000 candidates. It's a free service that extends your recruiting reach to a broad pool of talent.

Once you are open to hiring people with disability, you need to know how to design and advertise job positions so that people with disability are encouraged to apply.

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