Explore the diverse types of work performed by people with disability

Photo of Niall Betteridge

Meet Niall. Director of Enterprise Architecture at PwC, tennis enthusiast and hearing impaired.

-Niall Betteridge

Photo of Claire Mitchell

Meet Claire. Administration Assistant at Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital School, leader and born with Down Syndrome.

-Claire Mitchell

Photo of Dr Dinesh Palipana

Meet Dr Dinesh Palipana. Doctor at Gold Coast Health, high achiever and acquired quadriplegic.


-Dr Dinesh Palipana

Photo of Kevin Green

Meet Kevin. Cleaning Supervisor at Compass Group, loving husband and born with Dwarfism.

-Kevin Green

Photo of Carly Findlay

Meet Carly. Access and Inclusion Coordinator at Melbourne Fringe, writer and born with Ichthyosis.

-Carly Findlay

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Complaints and Report Abuse

The Complaints Resolution and Referral Service (CRRS) is a free service for people with disability who are users of Disability Employment Services (DES), Australian Disability Enterprises (ADE) and/or Advocacy Services.

The National Disability Abuse and Neglect Hotline is for reporting of abuse and neglect of people with disability.

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