Sourcing assistive technology

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  • What is assistive technology?
  • Identifying necessary assistive technology in the workplace
  • Acquiring assistive technology

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In the workplace, assistive technology makes tasks that were previously challenging and difficult for some people with disability, far easier. Assistive technology can include screen readers, mobility aids, hearing aids, lifts and moving stairs, sensor-based switches and extendable reaching devices. This technology is often inexpensive and may be eligible for reimbursement through the Employment Assistance Fund. A person with disability will likely have knowledge about specific assistive technology that will best suit their needs. However, not everyone will be up to date on the range of equipment available for use in the workplace. Every day, new supports and technology becomes available, through computers, tablets and smartphones. There are many companies and organisations that sell and distribute assistive technologies and these can often change. The best place to start looking for information about communication and assistive technology, is the National Equipment Database, on the Independent Living Centre Australia's website. You can browse through products by topic, and find technology for a range of situations relevant to the workplace. Independent Living Centres support people with disability, their families and carers to access information about assistive technology. You can access information about a range of products available, as well as your suppliers in your state and territory. Contact JobAccess to find out more about the Employment Assistance Fund.

Sometimes people with disability require assistive technology to complete their job to the best of their ability.


The Employment Assistance Fund will not cover the costs of assistance sought for medical, therapeutic, health related aids, equipment or services, including prescription glasses, cochlear implants and hearing aids.

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