Employment Assistance Fund

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  • How to access the EAF
  • What the EAF provides
  • Working with employees to access the EAF

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If you need to modify your workplace to support staff with disability to work in an environment free of barriers, there is support available. The Employment Assistance Fund provides financial assistance to purchase a range of work related modifications and services to make the access requirements of the employees with disability. Employees must work a minimum of eight hours per week and must be in a role that is expected to last 13 weeks or more. Assistance is available for employees about to start a job or for those already working. The Employment Assistance Fund provides financial help for a range of work related equipment, modifications, and services to change your workplace to suit employees with disability. A free workplace assessment is also available to eligible employees with disability. This includes a visit by a workplace assessor who will identify any barriers that exist and talk with the employer and employee to find workplace solutions. Employees with disability can apply for the Employment Assistance Fund directly. Employers can, and should, work with their employees to make this application. If you work with a disability employment services provider, they can also submit the application on your behalf. More details about the Employment Assistance Fund is available through Job Access.

The Employment Assistance Fund is a free government service available to help make modifications to the workplace as easily as possible.

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