If you wish to complain about disability services that you are receiving, please contact the appropriate complaints line listed below:

  • Complaints Resolution and Referral Service (CRRS)1800 880 052 (freecall from land lines). The CRRS is a free service for people with disability who are users of Disability Employment Services (DES), Australian Disability Enterprises (ADEs) and/or Advocacy services which are Australian Government-funded services.
  • National Disability Abuse and Neglect Hotline (the Hotline)1800 880 052 (freecall from land lines). Contact the Hotline to report cases of physical, sexual, psychological, legal and civil abuse, restraint and restrictive practices or financial abuse.

Please note, the Hotline is a referral service only and does not provide crisis services. Please refer to the emergency contact services information page for emergency support services.

Contact DSS with complaints that cannot be investigated by the NCSL or CRRS.

DSS can also receive complaints about any JobAccess service including the:

  • telephone advice line;
  • Employment Assistance Fund (EAF);
  • National Disability Recruitment Coordinator (NDRC);
  • Complaints Resolution and Referral Service (CRRS); or
  • National Disability Abuse and Neglect Hotline.

Help to make a complaint or report

  • If you have a have a hearing and/or speech impairment, you can contact the National Relay Service (NRS) by calling 1800 555 677 then asking for the number listed above for the relevant complaint service
  • If you need an interpreter, you can call the Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS National) by calling 13 14 50. TIS National will put you through to any of DSS’ listed phone numbers.
  • The CRRS and the Hotline are open Monday to Friday, 9am to 7pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) and Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time (AEDST), excluding Australian national public holidays.