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Congratulations, it's time to celebrate your organisation's dedication to workplace diversity and inclusion. There are many ways to celebrate, like functions where everyone comes together to share stories, reporting achievements of benchmarks and goals, or offering awards for promoting an inclusive culture. Celebrating your progress and achievements will help you to foster an inclusive and diverse culture. It's important to track progress against your disability employment roles and celebrate any milestones or achievements if you think it's appropriate. JobAccess can help you to develop specific metrics that work for you. Another way to celebrate diversity in your workplace is to appoint a Disability Champion. Your Disability Champion should be a senior member of staff who will help to ensure that diversity inclusion and disability employment remain front and centre in your organisation.

My name is Matthew Smith. I'm a manager in the talent and culture team at ANZ. We're really proud of the work we do around disability employment, not only because it's the right thing to do, but also because it helps ANZ. We do have a number of external awards that we enter into, and celebrations that we support, and also partnerships with external organisations, and internally we have Star Awards, which are for our internal staff who've championed disability employment. That's one way we do that every year, which is a great celebration. I think it's just a reminder, first of all, about how lucky we are to have people who are passionate about employing people with a disability and also how lucky we are to work with people with a disability who have a great range of skills and just make us a better bank, and enable us to provide better services for our customers. At the end of the day, it's just a good reminder and celebration of that.

Celebrating diversity awareness days throughout the year can also help to enhance your workplace diversity and inclusion efforts. For example, you may consider holding an event to celebrate International Day of People With a Disability, which is held on the 3rd of December each year. There are plenty of other ways to celebrate and to promote diversity within your organisation. Contact JobAccess to showcase your success stories with other employers, invite a disability ambassador to speak at an internal event or to meet with your senior leaders. You could establish an internal network of staff with disability, to help raise awareness of the inclusion and improved management of disability in the workplace. Contact JobAccess for more ideas and suggestions.

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