Working with Disability Employment Services providers

Disability Employment Services (DES) providers are experts at connecting people with disability to prospective employers. DES providers work directly with people with disability to help them become ‘job ready’.

Over the years, DES providers have supported thousands of people with disability to join the workforce. They have also delivered advice, support and a range of innovative practices and recruitment solutions to employers. 

The National Disability Recruitment Coordinator (NDRC) can help link employers to the extensive national network of DES providers.

How do DES providers work?

The primary function of DES providers is to ensure that both the employee and employer receive the necessary assistance to address any potential workplace barriers, and access the required supports to ensure the candidate’s success in their role. This support is available during and for a period of time after the recruitment phase.

Disability Employment Services offer a range of supports and assistance, including:

  • training information and awareness-raising activities about disability for managers and co-workers
  • help to develop job descriptions that provide role clarity and better support for the on-boarding of new employees with disability
  • on-the-job or off-site training and support to ensure new employees with disability settle into their job
  • provision of on-the-job training and support to employees with disability throughout their employment as required
  • access to work experience placements that will meet the cost of work-related insurance
  • access to Work Assist (if an employee’s job is at risk due to issues related to their disability)
  • help with job design in situations where an innovative approach may offer someone with significant barriers an opportunity to work for you
  • access to information about wage subsidies that may support your decision to offer a candidate with disability an employment opportunity
  • access to workplace modifications if they are required.

DES providers can support employers at each step of the employment journey. For instance, during the application process, a DES provider will give you a professional résumé for their applicant, including current referees. The DES provider will offer information about any reasonable adjustments an applicant might need during an interview or on the job. They will also tell you how they will support their participant in the workplace.

DES providers can offer your organisation advice on promoting job vacancies, shortlisting candidates and interviewing people with disability. They can also provide guidance on disability awareness in the workplace, available financial support, flexible workplace arrangements and disability legislation.

To find a DES provider near you, go to our list of DES providers

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