Working with Disability Employment Services providers

Disability Employment Services (DES) providers are experts at connecting people with disability to prospective employers. DES providers work directly with people with disability to help them become ‘job ready’.

During the application process, a DES provider will give you a professional résumé for their applicant, including current referees. The DES provider will offer information about any reasonable adjustments an applicant might need during an interview or on the job. They will also tell you how they will support their participant in the workplace.

DES providers can offer your organisation advice on promoting job vacancies, shortlisting candidates and interviewing people with disability. They can also provide guidance on disability awareness in the workplace, available financial support, flexible workplace arrangements and disability legislation.

To find a DES provider near you, go to our list of DES providers.

You can also get help from the National Disability Recruitment Coordinator, which is funded by the Australian Government to help large employers access the skills and talents of people with disability.

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