The businesses benefitting from a new world of ability

The businesses benefitting from a new world of ability

When Sanjay Dhariwal, from HPE Pointnext, heard about AccessAbility Day, the decision to get involved was an obvious one.

AccessAbility Day is an opportunity for businesses to connect with job seekers allowing organisations to see firsthand the unique perspective and skills people with disability can bring to the workplace.

For people with disability it is chance to experience a workplace or role for a day that aligns with their career interests.

Sanjay who is an Installed Base Specialist, said he was keen to get involved as the initiative aligns closely with the values of HPE Pointnext, an IT organisation.

“AccessAbility Day resonated with me because of my personal values of inclusion and equality, but also with HPE’s culture of embracing people’s differences,” he said.

Raghav was suggested by a Disability Employment Services (DES) provider as a jobseeker with a keen interest in IT.

During the day, Raghav was given an introduction to all things HPE. He was shown around the office, and got to see what a regular day at work looks like for Sanjay.

By all accounts, AccessAbility Day at HPE was a great success.

“The team at HPE have been very friendly, showing me around and telling me about their various roles. This experience has made me want to work in the industry and use my Certificate 4 in IT even more!” Raghav said.

For Sanjay and the whole HPE Pointnext team, the experience was just as positive.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time hosting Raghav. At HPE we believe that in order to ignite a culture of belonging and inclusion, each of us must be knowledgeable about inclusion and diversity, have a clear understanding of ourselves and others, and develop skills in order to demonstrate our values in an inclusive way,” said Sanjay.

AccessAbility Day is just one of many ways to build understanding of disability employment in your workplace. JobAccess’ Employer Toolkit is a great place to start, covering everything from the basics through to managing your team.

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