Impact Data shows improved disability confidence among Australian employers partnering with JobAccess and NDRC

9 July 2024

The National Disability Recruitment Coordinator (NDRC) is the employer engagement service of JobAccess. It released its first-ever Impact Data this week. It looks at survey responses from NDRC employer partners. These organisations have completed NDRC's 12-month partnership between 2016 and 2023.

The Impact Data summarises responses from 223 employer partnerships. These partnerships combined reached over 833,000 employees nationwide.

The findings show an improvement in employer attitudes towards disability inclusion. This attitudinal change is a result of NDRC’s partnership activities.

It shows that 94 per cent of employers felt confident with the advice and support NDRC provides. This advice helps them when hiring candidates with disability. Moreover, 87 per cent saw a positive change in attitude towards disability employment.

Australia has 2.1 million people with disability of working age. Yet, their unemployment rate is twice that of those without disability.

Daniel Valiente-Riedl, General Manager at JobAccess, says, “People with disability have unique skills and talents. Yet, employers often overlook them. This is due to a gap in knowing how to hire and keep people with disability."

"The NDRC bridges this gap. It gives advice on good practice. It helps remove any barriers. And it enables employers to provide equitable opportunities to long-term, sustainable employment." Daniel adds.

The Impact Data also shows employers’ improved ability to provide workplace adjustments. This includes providing adjustments at the interview, selection, onboarding, and career development stage.

Karla Fernee is the NDRC Program Manager. She says, “A disability-confident workplace is one where everyone can belong.”

The NDRC works with large Australian employers through a free, 12-month partnership. The partnership aims to improve disability knowledge and skills of employers.

"It helps ensure that no one is left behind. I am really proud of the work our team does and our employer partners do to achieve great results. The Impact Data findings say it all. Each year, we've seen more demand for our partnerships," Karla concludes.

Since 2010, the NDRC has worked with over 420 public and private businesses in Australia. It has helped build their knowledge. It works to help them confidently attract, hire and support people with disability.

You can download a copy of Building Australia’s disability-confident workplace culture – NDRC Impact Data from the JobAccess website.

Are you looking to build a disability-inclusive workplace culture?

Contact JobAccess on 1800 464 800 to connect with the NDRC or visit our website to learn more about the service. You can also submit an online enquiry on the JobAccess website. 

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