Claire Mitchell


My role at the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital School is an administration officer assistant.

So I've been here for six years. It's improved my life in lots of areas.

I feel extremely proud to have a real job, being part of a team, because teamwork is everything, gives everybody a purpose to get up every day, and it's always good to be like everybody else.

I am the chair of the Queensland State for the Down Syndrome Advisory Network.

I am involved in meetings on the Australian board.

The best advice I would give you is communication - no-one knows exactly what you're thinking until you actually tell them.

I'm the acting principal of Lady Cilento Children's Hospital School. Claire's role is an administration assistant.

I describe her as 'sunshine'.

She comes in. She is so enthusiastic about being at work.

She greets everyone with a big voice in the morning, saying hello, greeting people.

And that's a lovely role model for everyone to come to work each day with a really positive and happy attitude.

I think Job Access will be of great benefit to employers looking to employ someone with disability.

They know what the person's skill set is and they can match that to the workplace so that it makes a whole smoother process.

I think Claire has grown a lot in her position and I think the work throws up some new challenges for Claire every day.

Sometimes things change and it does build in flexibility and resilience too.

We are a diverse community and everyone has talents and everyone can do different jobs, and it's that differentiation that we value.

Having a work life, I think, is very important because everybody needs to feel that they can work and work to the best of their ability.

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