Why PwC is committed to hiring people with disability

Nicole Vongdara

Nicole Vongdara, Senior Manager, Diversity and Inclusion at PwC.

One of the biggest employers in the world is dedicated to employing people with disability. Why?

“For an organisation of our size, and with such varied capabilities, we’d be restricting our view or ability to get talent if we didn’t consider hiring people with disability,” says Nicole Vongdara, Senior Manager, Diversity and Inclusion at PwC Australia.

One in five Australians lives with disability—which represents not only the diversity of Australia, but also the diversity of the potential workforce.

“Our clients, and the broader community that we operate within, come from all walks of life. It’s important for us that our workforce reflects that, which is why diversity and inclusion is such a focus,” says Nicole.

For larger organisations, the National Disability Recruitment Coordinator is available to help employers build the ‘know how’ to employ a person with disability.

Nicole is an occupational therapist by trade, and is an expert on disability employment and diversity and inclusion practices. Her role is in support provision—working with these recruiters to understand any adjustments (if any) that need to be made before people with disability begin work, or once they’ve started if their needs change.

“We have our own process for acquiring equipment and making adjustments when they’re needed, but we’ve also gone through JobAccess before to get partial funding for things like large iPads and captioning services through the Employment Assistance Fund,” says Nicole.

“Our workspaces and buildings are already very accessible, so it’s more about addressing any of the specific needs and requirements of our employees.”

JobAccess and the Employment Assistance Fund can help employers looking to hire people with disability by providing tailored and confidential advice, workplace assessments, and funding for workplace adjustments for employees with disability.

For PwC, it’s not just about finding and retaining good talent. Hiring people with disability is also an integral part of being an inclusive organisation.

“Disability employment is a part of our broader diversity and inclusion strategy. Beyond being good for our business, we also believe that it’s the right thing to do,” says Nicole.

Employment provides people with disability the many personal, social and financial benefits of work. For your business, a person with disability brings new perspectives, skills and diversity to your team. It’s a win-win.

Considering a person with disability when you’re hiring could lead you to the best person for the job. To take the first step and find out more about how to employ a person with disability, visit the JobAccess employer page.

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