JobAccess supports Paralympian turned self-employed Sarnya in pursuing her business goals

Sarnya is sitting while smiling to camera, wearing a blue top and holding a white mug.

Image description: Sarnya is sitting while smiling to camera, wearing a blue top and holding a white mug.


Sarnya’s journey from the corporate world to Paralympics and now as a self-employed business owner has been driven by her passion for helping people. See how JobAccess supported Sarnya with simple adjustments to help her pursue her business and drive to help.

From Paralympics to running a business

Sarnya is self-employed, running her own massage and therapy clinic Klemzig Massage and Health, in South Australia.

Before pursuing her career as a Remedial Massage and Bowen Therapist, Sarnya worked for a large telecommunications company and competed as a Paralympian.

Sarnya is legally blind and represented Australia at the 2000 Sydney Paralympics, competing in Track Cycling and winning two gold medals. Sarnya also competed extensively in Europe and Asia for 14 years.

Sarnya’s time as a sporting world champion inspired her career move, transitioning from working for a large corporation to studying and opening her massage and therapy clinic. As an athlete, Sarnya gained knowledge about physical and mental preparation and performance, furthering her deep interest in how the human body works.

In 2010, the timing was right for Sarnya to focus on Klemzig Massage and Health.

Sarnya had studied a Bachelor of Applied Science and various certificates in the sport, fitness and health industry, and she was raising two small children alongside her husband.

“It wasn’t easy with kids, but I went back and studied. I really wanted to marry my interests with my work,” shared Sarnya.

Fast forward to 2022; Sarnya specialises in remedial massage, hot stone therapy and dry needling.

As Sarnya has low vision, she was finding it challenging to use the computer for her client notes, particularly as her keyboard had very faint letters on the keys. The lighting in the clinic was also difficult to work with.

Working with JobAccess for workplace adjustments

Sarnya learned about JobAccess through a friend who used the service for advice and support with workplace adjustments. As a self-employed business owner, Sarnya contacted JobAccess directly to discuss her adjustments and apply for funding to purchase the adjustments through the Employment Assistance Fund (EAF).

After submitting a funding application through the JobAccess website, Sarnya was contacted by an allied health professional at JobAccess to understand her situation and offer tailored advice.

JobAccess were great to deal with, I always had a go-to point, and they communicated well. They were willing to answer my questions.

- Sarnya

Soon after, JobAccess organised an independent assessor to visit Sarnya’s workspace to assess her challenges and provide recommendations. These included a large print keyboard and a specialised lamp for concentrated light.

“An Occupational Therapist came to do an assessment; they were thorough and came here very quickly. It was good to be heard about what I thought I needed,” shared Sarnya.

Sarnya believes that the equipment provided through JobAccess supports her in using her vision to perform daily tasks like entering data and making client notes.

“The equipment helps me to manage the administration of my business. JobAccess were great to deal with, I always had a go-to point, and they communicated well. I could always access them via call or email, and they were willing to answer my questions.”

When asked the best part about her job Sarnya responded, “helping people overcome injuries and pain. I listen. Some clients just want to be heard too, it’s not only about the therapy.”

The equipment funded by JobAccess aids Sarnya in running her business. In turn, Sarnya is giving back to the community via Klemzig Massage and Health, supporting those living with pain, injury and disability. “I love helping people achieve optimal health by energising life, enhancing health and reducing stress,” said Sarnya.

Contact JobAccess for advice and support with workplace adjustments

Contact JobAccess on 1800 464 800 to speak to our Advisers for expert, confidential and tailored advice on workplace adjustments. You can also submit an online enquiry through our website.

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