Other support available

DES providers may be able to help DES participants use a number of other supports, including:

AccessAbility Day is an Australian Government initiative that allows employers to connect with jobseekers with disability (participants), who are current and active Disability Employment Services (DES) participants looking for work, to see their potential in the workplace. Employers can explore the concept of employing a jobseeker with disability, while also providing an opportunity for participants to gain an insight into a particular job or type of work.

Employment Assistance Fund pays for disability specific equipment or services to remove barriers in the workplace, to help people with disability perform a particular job. It is available to Australians with permanent disability, who are employed or self-employed in a job expected to last at least 13 weeks.

National Work Experience Programme provides work experience of up to 25 hours per week for a maximum of four weeks. It is available to DES participants who are 17 years or over and are on income support.

New Enterprise Incentives Scheme provides training, mentoring, and financial assistance to help participants become self-employed business owners. It is available to participants who are at least 17 years of age, who are not an undischarged bankrupt.

PaTH Internships are work placements of 15 – 25 hours per week for up to 12 weeks, that allow unemployed young people to gain work experience and demonstrate their skills to an employer. Interns receive $200 per fortnight in addition to their income support payment. Path Internships are available to participants who are 17-24 years of age, who have mutual obligation requirements and have been in DES or jobactive for at least six months.

Relocation Assistance to Take Up a Job provides financial assistance to help DES participants relocate to take up ongoing employment. It is available to DES participants with Mutual Obligation Requirements who relocate to a location at least 90 minutes away.

Seasonal Work Incentives for Jobseekers Trial is a two-year trial that allows participants to earn an extra $5000 without affecting income support payments, for undertaking eligible seasonal horticultural work (like fruit picking). It is available to participants who have been in DES for at least three months.

Supported Wage System allows participants with reduced productivity to compete in the labour market by setting their wage according to their productivity. A supported wage can be used only at a participant’s request.

Wage Subsidies help meet the cost of a participant’s wages at the start of a job placement, to encourage employers to give employment opportunities to DES Participants.

Work for the Dole is a voluntary activity that can help participants gain skills and confidence needed for work, meet new people and make contacts.

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