Looking for advertised jobs

The ways to look for work have changed in recent years. There are now more services than ever to help you find a job that suits you. Here are some of the more common ones.

Disability Employment Services

Providers of Disability Employment Services are called DES providers for short. These providers are specialists at helping people with disability, injuries or health conditions get ready to look for a job, find a job, and keep a job. To find out more, go to our Free support to find or keep a job page.

Employment websites

Employment websites are very popular for finding jobs in certain places or industries. Some of the better known ones include:

There are some employment websites that target certain industries. These include:

The Australian Government also provides websites to support your career development. These websites include:

Company websites

A lot of employers advertise jobs on their own websites. They also allow you to provide your details for future employment opportunities. If you want to work in a particular industry, why not do an online search and submit your details to a few different companies?


Many employers still advertise jobs through printed newspapers. Check for job vacancies under ‘Positions Vacant’ in the classifieds section or look for the ‘Careers’ or ‘Employment’ lift-out. Most local libraries have newspapers available to browse for free. Some community newspapers are delivered free to your home.

Notice boards

Community notice boards often post job opportunities for part-time and casual positions. Keep an eye out for these boards in shopping centres, supermarkets and community centres.

Shop windows

Some smaller businesses advertise job vacancies in their shop windows. If you see an ad that interests you, return to the shop with your résumé and ask the shop assistant to pass your details on to the manager.

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