Creating a good résumé

Office conversation between two peopleA résumé is a key tool to help you look for work. It is a summary of your skills, work experience, qualifications and interests. Most employers will require you to submit your résumé as a first step in the process of applying for a job.

A résumé is a document you need only create once, but you must make sure it is always kept up to date. The template below can help you create a good résumé.

Résumé template – standard: This is a standard template that you can download to your computer. You can use this as a starting point and make edits as you add in your personal details. 

Remember that it’s best to be honest and upfront with an employer about your condition. You can explain this through your résumé. You may have gaps in your résumé if you have been unable to work for certain periods because your disability has been worse than at other times. Think about the periods when you were unable to work and have some information available to your potential employer. Mention any study, volunteer work or other activities you did during these periods.

Your résumé should almost always be sent with a cover letter. Sometimes, you may also need to provide a separate document answering specific requirements or ‘selection criteria’ to be considered for the job.

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