Being flexible and making adjustments

Being flexible about working conditions will allow your organisation to attract and retain people with disability.

Some people with disability may not need any changes to the workplace to be able to do their job. Some may need minor adjustments that can be easily made at minimal or no cost. Others may need special equipment or changes to the physical environment to help them do their work. Such changes are legally referred to as ‘reasonable adjustments’. See our guidelines on reasonable adjustments for more information.

Many people with disability can identify simple adjustments to help them do the job. Visit our page on creating a flexible work environment to find out more.

If you need to make workplace changes or buy special equipment for an employee with disability, you may be eligible for financial help through the Employment Assistance Fund.

If an employee with disability needs major changes to the workplace, a specialist assessment may be needed. Some workplace assessments are covered as part of the Employment Assistance Fund.

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