Video: The inclusive filmmaking process behind JobAccess video case studies

The Australian Government's JobAccess program helps remove potential barriers to disability employment by providing a range of tailored services that support people with disability, employers, and service providers.

JobAccess recently engaged Taste Creative and Bus Stop Films to share the stories of employers and people with disability who've used the program. 

With their focus on inclusive filmmaking, Taste Creative and Bus Stop Films create employment opportunities for people living with disability who are passionate about kick-starting their career in the film industry both in front and behind the camera. 

As a program designed to encourage disability employment, JobAccess is proud to support the disability-inclusive initiative by Taste Creative and Bus Stop Films and enable opportunities for people with disability on both sides of the camera.


[A production assistant in a Bus Stop Films T-shirt, Giulia Pomarev, holds up a clapperboard that reads "JobAccess IWC. Scene: Table Chat. Take: 4. Director: Henry Smith. Camera: Mikey Hamer."] 

Giulia Pomarev: Take four.

[Sitting before a laptop, businesswoman Ciara Murphy gives the camera a thumbs-up. A boom mic is visible.]

Ciara Murphy: We are good to go.

[Giulia holds the clapperboard before council worker Kush Pai who sits under a microphone. Camera operator Mikey Hamer sits in grazier Anthony Ferris's small ute. Businesswoman Kate Shaw and Anthony sit facing cameras. Crew members clap their hands once for the camera. Giulia holds a clapperboard in front of council worker Jamie De Paulo. Director Henry Smith, who has a reddish beard, stands outside near Ciara.]

Henry Smith: And we're ready to roll.

[Footage shows Ciara striding along a walkway, Anthony walking up a hill and Jamie steering his wheelchair through a portico. Henry leads Kate and Ciara past a camera, he talks with Ciara as a camera is set up. Jamie wheels himself past a camera crew. In the portico, he stops and talks with Henry. A small crew films Jamie and Khush in a corridor. Near a sheep run, Anthony talks with Henry and Mikey, then demonstrates equipment.] 

Henry Smith: This project is all about sharing the stories of people with disability who have come through some pretty amazing things. We're creating these videos to share the good work that JobAccess is doing. JobAccess is a great program that's actually caring about people with a disability. It's getting rid of a lot of that red tape because it can generally help and genuinely care.

[Wearing his large hat and a red shirt, Anthony is interviewed near a farm building. 
Text: "Anthony Ferris, Grazier." Anthony is filmed driving a tractor.]

Anthony Ferris: There's a lot of different ways that JobAccess can help and give someone a job so they can carry on with their life.

[Dark-haired Khush is interviewed in Petersham Town Hall. Text: "Khush Pai, Data and Information Coordinator, Inner West Council."]

Khush Pai: So today we're doing a case study on one of my very good team members, Jamie.

[Henry talks with Jamie. Khush joins Jamie at his workstation. Jamie is interviewed in a foyer. Text: "Jamie De Paulo, Casual Document and Information Officer, Inner West Council." The crew follow Jamie from the building. Henry works with Jamie. During an interview, he shows Jamie a clipboard. Jamie smiles and nods at Henry.]

Jamie De Paulo: I've worked hard in the past to achieve something like this. And just to be included in such a big way, it's good to see hard work has paid off.

[Henry is interviewed against a backdrop of farm buildings. Text: "Henry Smith, Director and Producer, Taste Creative." During the shoot, crew members in Bus Stop Films T-shirts set up and use equipment.]

Henry: For Taste Creative and Bus Stop Films, we've spent more than a decade to create a model of inclusive filmmaking that makes it accessible for people with a disability to work not just in front of the camera, but behind the camera.

[Giulia is interviewed in the town hall. She has long brown hair and bright yellow fingernails. Text: "Giulia Pomarev, Production Assistant, Bus Stop Films." Giulia uses a clapperboard, helps pack up camera gear and watches Mikey work.]

Giulia: I'm new to Bus Stop Films and I'm really enjoying learning about everything. I think it's fantastic that we get to have this opportunity.

[Mikey demonstrates the camera for Giulia. He is interviewed on a footpath. Mikey has a brown moustache and light beard. Text: "Mikey Hamer, Director of Photography." Mikey and a Bus Stop student set up lighting equipment.]

Mikey Hamer: I'm not educated in disability support in any way, but what's important to remember is that's not what those students are looking for. Those students are looking for real on set experience, and that's really, really easy to provide.

[During filming, Henry interviews Kate, Giulia smiles, Henry talks with Ciara on the walkway, and sits beside the camera as Anthony is filmed.]

Henry: Our passion now is to not just create inclusive films, but to take inclusive filmmaking as a process to the rest of the world to show people this is how every story should be told.

[A brown-haired woman sitting in a high-backed padded wheelchair is interviewed near her computer. Text: "Steph Dower, Script Writer." Steph works at her computer. Her small hands, curled into permanent loose fists, move rapidly across the keyboard as she types.]

Steph Dower: As the writer of these case studies for the JobAccess I really loved connecting with the stories of Jamie, Ciara and Anthony I really strive to bring a level of relatability to the stories that I write and authenticity that I think only having that firsthand experience of disability can achieve.

[Henry sits with Anthony in his lounge room, Ciara in her office common areas, Jamie in the town hall lobby and Anthony on his porch.]

Henry: My favourite part of this project has been in between our takes sitting with each of the people that we've been making these stories about. Just be inserted into their life for a day to share and tell parts of their story to us and it's... it's a real treat.

[In Jamie's office, Giulia works with Mikey and Henry. During filming, Kate laughs, Jamie grins at the camera, Ciara smiles over her shoulder, and Khush laughs.]

Giulia: Everyone's attitude has been really like, happy and exciting, just very inclusive.

[Anthony is interviewed near the farm building. During the shoot, he sits under bright lights, facing Henry. Anthony smiles.]

Anthony: Made me comfortable and tried to sort it out so it was easy as it could be for me.

[Khush is interviewed in the town hall. During the shoot, Jamie grins at his workstation. He and Kush laugh at a meeting.]

Khush: It's just a very, very family atmosphere within the team. It's a very light and healthy atmosphere, if I can say.

[Jamie is interviewed in the town hall. Sitting before the camera, Henry shows Jamie a document on a clipboard. In various locations, Jamie chats and laughs with Henry and Mikey.]

Jamie: Inclusion and belonging go together, so it makes me feel that I belong.

[As he's filmed on a hilltop, Anthony removes his sunglasses.]

Anthony: I will do anything it takes to help JobAccess or put JobAccess out there to other people because I had no knowledge of it before someone mentioned to me.

[On a purple screen, a rectangular logo reads, "JobAccess, Driving disability employment." Below, white text reads, "1800 464 800, #EmployTheirAbility." 
The Inclusively Made logo appears on a black screen. Below, text reads, "This film was created inclusively with people living with disability."]

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