Employer flexibility in the workplace



I have to say my current employer has been wonderful in coming to terms with helping me, directly and indirectly. There was a number of different things that we used through my phones and some of the additional equipment to help me hear, they've been fabulous.

I work part time, and that has been as a result of my disability. I've only had symptoms for the last 3 years. Work has been very accommodating with adjusting the days and the hours I work.

The process to apply for my work place modifications was quite straight forward.

The process was easy and quite accessible, they were very helpful.

Currently I'm doing a business administration course online and they’re very supportive of that because it will help me build my skills in my job.

I'm creating a bunch of keyboard shortcuts to improve my time efficiency.

I'm full time, I do emails, scanning, faxing, shredding—you name it, I do it all.

My employer let me know about the diversity network, which has a lot of information about disabilities and how they work in the work force, it’s a really handy resource that I know I can use at any time.

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