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The diversity of disability in the workplace



I work as a program development officer, so I design programs and train staff to run those programs. I work full time but one of those days I work from home, and that’s to help me with my disability because I'm able to write more fluently when I'm in a relaxed environment.

I work in an office as a revenue and property officer. Doing a lot of data entry and data maintenance. And I work full time.

I work in a design agency, and I work casual, only on Wednesdays.

I work full time as a self-employed barrister.

I own a learning management system which I make available to companies so that they can put their training and information into an online environment.

I work as an executive officer and I work full time.

I work in an office environment and I work full time.

I’m a full time worker and I'm a service support analyst.

I'm a qualified social worker and I currently work full time.

The type of work I do is voluntary and casual positions.

I work full time in administration.

I'm self-employed and I work in accreditation, so basically I do a range of roles but mainly auditing and quality management, and I work casually.

I'm a full time employee and I work in the business strategy team for my employer.

I'm a lifeguard, I’ve been a lifeguard for 27 years. I started off as a casual lifeguard for the first two years and then the next 25 years I was full time.

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