Disclosing disability in the workplace



I feel pretty comfortable talking about my disability with my employer, certainly I don't feel afraid to mention if there is any issues with it, and I feel very at ease when I'm talking about it with colleges.

Look I'm fine with it now although once upon a time i wasn't so comfortable with it but with my further deteriorating hearing loss it’s really become necessary for me to let my employer know that I am losing my hearing. As a result of that also speaking with my colleagues, as they need to know too.

I think that it’s important to discuss the challenges that I have, so that we can make sure that I can work to the best of my ability.

I feel comfortable talking about my disability because my employees support me in my job.

I think it’s important for me to disclose because I need to have the checks and balances with the work that I do to make sure everything I'm doing is correct and that I can do my job a hell of a lot better.

I feel comfortable disclosing my disability, knowing that I know what I should disclose, I don't have to tell them my full medical history, I just need to tell them how my disability will affect my job and the reasonable adjustments that I need.

They understand my special needs and that I'm hearing impaired, they sort of talk to me louder and clearly.

I don't see myself as having a disability in the work place, if I do need help I’ll generally just ask, if that person isn't available, I'll go ask someone else.

They helped me when I needed it, and when I didn't, they left it alone.

Yes well I'm a mandatory discloser, so I can't hide my disability nor would I want too.

I'm very comfortable about sharing and it also gives me the opportunity to explain what MS really is.

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