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Finding the right person to fill a job can be hard, especially when a largely untapped pool of talented, capable and committed people is excluded from that search.

More businesses are realising the financial and organisational benefits that come from employing people with disability.

Increasing your workplace diversity brings unique skills, new ideas, new ways of thinking and broader appeal for your business.

Disability Employment Services, also known as DES, can help you find great employees for your business.

Our DES provider took the time to really understand my business and that's how they matched Frank with our organisation. He's a great fit. We're very lucky to have him on board. Our provider supported us through the recruitment stage, and we can still contact them now whenever we need them.

Using the Disability Employment Services helped ease our concerns about any additional costs that may come with employing someone with a disability, and they've showed us the financial support such as wage subsidies that are available.

Our DES provider helped us to get Lucie a workplace assessment so that we know that our processes, our workplace, our structures, are right for Lucie.

You can get financial support for things like screen reader programs and accessibility computer software. Through DES, I can use the Employment Assistance Fund, which pay for things Tony might need to make sure that he can do his job.

There is a lot of helpful information on the JobAccess website, and our DES provider has been really supportive.

There are wage subsidies available to me which have really helped to make sure I can offer Darryl ongoing employment.

DES offers different levels of support depending on what you and your employee need at the time for as long as you need it.

If Darryl needs a bit more support than usual, we can access Work Assist for free and our DES provider will ensure Darryl gets the individual, flexible support that he needs to keep doing the great job that he's been doing so far.

I can also call the JobAccess advisers line if I have any questions. We've used it to find out about disability awareness training and mental health first aid, which has been great for our team and for my own personal development.

The DES program helps people be empowered. And employers like me have the ability to help these people. And there's a job for everyone. There seriously is a job for everyone. We need someone like Frank, and it's great. He's brilliant.

Visit or call JobAccess on 1800 464 800.

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