A focus on outcomes, a wide range of matters: how CRRS works with DES and participants

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What Kate Wilder loves about her work as a Client Support Adviser with the Complaints Resolution and Referral Service (CRRS) is assisting the people that get in contact.

The CRRS is a free service for people with disability who are users of Disability Employment Services (DES), Australian Disability Enterprises (ADE) and/or advocacy services, and exists for people with disability to discuss any problem they may have with any of these Australian Government-funded services.

“They may be unsure what to do next or wishing to lodge a complaint; and we enable them to be heard and respected. I enjoy being able to take the time to listen to the people that contact us and provide support which I believe is something many of our callers are very grateful for,” said Kate.

This focus on the individual and their desired outcomes is an important value for the CRRS, which forms part of JobAccess.

Another key value which underpins the work of the CRRS is remaining impartial. With any complaint that is made, the CRRS does not take sides or advocate on anyone’s behalf, instead working with all involved parties to identify the appropriate resolution or outcome.

“We work as mediators between a participant and a service, obtaining feedback and providing a service improvement suggestion when necessary. A typical day will involve phone calls and emails with both the participant and service to assist with confirming complaint details or a report and then working with both parties to resolve the complaint,” explained Kate.

Complaints can be submitted online or by calling the CRRS on 1800 880 052, and can include a diverse range of matters, including pay and employment conditions, the assistance provided and communication.

Deborah Fairbairn is also a Client Support Adviser for the CRRS, and she recently assisted a participant with successful resolution of a matter regarding both a service and an employer.

“The client required assistance with arranging a number of checks as part of their employment search and also ongoing communications with an employer.

“Through consultation with the client and DES provider, the CRRS was able to negotiate completion of the required checks, and ensure the communications with the employer occurred. The CRRS also provided service improvement suggestions relating to these processes and timeframes for communication with the client,” explained Deborah.

This matter is a great example of how DES providers who have participated in the CRRS process have also benefited from the resolution process, gaining useful feedback that has helped them improve their work processes to better engage with both job seekers and employers.

The purpose of the Complaints Resolution and Referral Service (CRRS) is to provide an independent, fair, impartial and nationally accessible complaints resolution and referral service for people with disability who are service users of Disability Employment or Advocacy Services funded under the Disability Services Act (1986). For more information, visit www.jobaccess.gov.au or call 1800 464 800 to speak with a JobAccess Adviser.

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