Providing work experience for people with disability

Work experience gives people with disability an opportunity to observe and participate in the everyday activities of a workplace. It is usually unpaid work and runs for a limited period of time. Some work experience stints may be full-time for two or three weeks. Other work experience arrangements might be for a day or two each week over several weeks.

Some benefits of work experience

Work experience can have a number of benefits for people with disability. It can help them show a potential employer what tasks they are capable of doing. It allows them to build skills and display a positive attitude and eagerness to work. Work experience also helps people with disability improve their résumés and see if certain jobs are to their liking.

Work experience helps employers assess how a person with disability might match to different jobs. It also allows them to observe changes that could be made in the workplace to help people with disability do a better job.

More information on work experience

Disability Employment Services can help arrange work experience opportunities for people with disability.


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