Training and education for your co-workers

Your co-workers will generally want to be supportive of your efforts in the workplace.

Understanding the nature of your condition or disability helps them to do this. There are a range of courses and training programs available to educate your co-workers on a variety of disability issues.

Disability awareness training

Disability awareness training can help your co-workers be more supportive when communicating and working with you. Disability awareness training provides facts, research, and tips for cooperating in the workplace. 

Many employer organisations, such as the Australian Disability Network, or consultancy services provide employers and staff with disability awareness training.

If you are being assisted by a Disability Employment Service provider, your employer may be able to access additional workplace supports. Many disability employment service providers will come into the workplace to speak to staff about working with people with disability. You could discuss this with your employer, who could then contact your provider for advice.

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid training can give your co-workers the knowledge and skills to support you if you have a mental health issue or episode at work. If you want to suggest this training to your employer, you can direct them to the Mental Health First Aid website.

For information that will improve co-worker’s understanding of mental health in the workplace, go to the Heads Up website. Heads Up was developed by Beyond Blue and is supported by the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance.

Deaf awareness training

If you are deaf or have a hearing impairment, your co-workers can participate in deaf awareness training. This training allows your workmates to get an insight into the lives and needs of people who are deaf. It can show them ways to better communicate with you at work.

Auslan training

If you use Auslan, your co-workers can benefit from training in how to communicate using Auslan.

Financial assistance for awareness training

Your organisation may be eligible for financial assistance to have staff participate in disability awareness training, mental health awareness training, deaf awareness training or Auslan training. A JobAccess Adviser can help determine which programs your organisation may be eligible for. Contact the JobAccess Advisers on 1800 464 800 and ask them about the Employment Assistance Fund.

Free online Disability Awareness training is also available through disABILITY AWAREness.

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