Starting a DES program

Initial Interview

DES providers work with each participant to ensure that the support they provide meets the needs of that individual person.

A participant’s initial appointment with their DES provider will be a face-to-face interview that discusses the participant’s skills and interests, history, ability, and needs.

Service Guarantee and Code of Conduct

At the initial interview, the DES provider will explain the participant’s rights and obligations, and provide a copy of the DES Service Guarantee and DES Code of Conduct. These documents explain services and help the participant can expect from a DES provider.

Job Plan

From the initial interview, the DES provider will develop with the participant a Job Plan that describes how they will work together to find an appropriate job. The Job Plan includes activities the participant will do and the assistance or support the provider will deliver to help a participant get and keep a job. It considers information from the participant’s Employment Services Assessment.

The Job Plan guides the services that the DES provider will deliver, and must be agreed before DES services start. The Job Plan will be updated when needed, so that it always describes a current plan to employment.

Under Social Security law, participants who have Mutual Obligation or compulsory activity requirements must complete the compulsory activities in their Job Plan, and can receive demerits and financial penalties if they do not. Participants without these requirements have a voluntary Job Plan. Learn about Mutual Obligation requirements and compliance.

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