Settling in on your first day

Your first day in a new job can bring mixed emotions. You might be excited, nervous and a little disoriented—all at the same time. Do not worry about this as it’s completely normal. You will feel more relaxed and comfortable as you get to know your workplace and the people you’ll be working with.

Before your first day at work

To make a good impression on your first day, make sure you dress properly for the job. Call your new employer a few days before you’re due to start work, and ask what you should wear. This will give you time to buy or borrow any items of clothing you don’t already own.

You might want to check with the employer on what facilities are available on site or nearby, such as local shops or cafés for lunch. In some workplaces, the use of mobile phones and other devices is not allowed during work hours. Before starting your new job, ask about the organisation’s policy on mobile phones.

When you arrive on your first day

First and foremost, try to relax. Most people at a new workplace are very welcoming. They will know that you are trying to settle in to a new environment.  Get to know your co-workers and talk with your supervisor or manager for direction and assistance.

Take some time to watch the way things are done in your new workplace. If you are unsure of anything, ask questions of your supervisor and observe the people around you.

Becoming familiar with your workplace

Some workplaces run formal ‘induction’ or ‘orientation’ programs to help new employees understand their work tasks. These programs can also cover aspects of workplace safety, where certain amenities are located, and how things are organised. If you are deaf and need a sign language interpreter to be present at an induction program, visit our Organising a sign language interpreter for an interview page.

In some jobs, you become familiar with your workplace simply by learning on the job. If you are unsure of any aspect of your job, ask your supervisor for help.

When starting any new job, it's also good to be aware of your rights and responsibilities, and the rights and responsibilities of your employer.

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