Matching your skills and interests with a job or career

Do you have trouble deciding what you’d like to do for a career or what sort of jobs fit with your skills and interests?


The myfuture website is an interesting way to learn more about career choices. The website helps you discover your strengths to find the right career path for you. It allows you to find out about different jobs, including the tasks involved and the qualifications required.

Through the myfuture website, you can build your own career profile. You can also get helpful hints on looking for work, and read how other people have found great jobs.

You can sign up to the myfuture website for free. Simply go to the myfuture registration page and enter your details.

Job Outlook

The Job Outlook website provides a range of information on types of jobs and career paths, industry information as well as data and trends on labour market information and research. Job Outlook also has a quiz to help guide you into your chosen job based on the type of work tasks you would like to perform and your strengths.

Visit Job Outlook to find out more.

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