How your personal information is protected

Your personal information is protected by special privacy laws. Your Disability Employment Services (DES) provider and your employer must treat your sensitive personal information with privacy and discretion.

Your rights about your personal information

You have the right to:

  • know why your personal information is being collected (e.g. to help you find work)
  • know whether or not collecting this information is required or authorised under law
  • know what will be done with your personal information and any other people or organisations it might be given to (e.g. the Department of Social Services)
  • access any record containing your personal information
  • change your personal information to ensure it is accurate at any time.

Who can access your personal information

Your DES provider and your employer must be able to securely store your information. They can only use your information for the purpose they obtained it from you (e.g. to help you find work). They can only pass on your information to other people or organisations when you have given them written permission to do so, or when you have been advised of who is receiving your personal information.

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