Finding a training course to expand your skills

Person in wheelchair pointing at a posterDo you want to develop your general work skills? Are you looking to get a start in a particular industry? Would you like to know which work skills are currently most in demand?

The myskills website can help you find answers to your training needs. As Australia’s directory of training, the myskills website lets you search for training courses near where you live or work. The website also allows you to explore training in certain industries. You can also see stories from other people who have benefited from training.

You can sign up to the myskills website for free. Simply go to the myskills registration page and enter your details.

Skills for Education and Employment (SEE)

The Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) program could help improve your speaking, reading, writing, basic maths or computer skills. If you enrol in this program, you may be eligible for an extra payment if you are currently receiving the Disability Support Pension, Jobseeker Payment, Parenting Payment, or Youth Allowance.  For more information, speak to your Disability Employment Services (DES) provider or visit the Services Australia website.


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