Applying for Australian Government jobs

If you like the idea of working for the Australian Government, a job with the Australian Public Service (APS) may be for you.

The APS is the federal public service and consists of a large number of different organisations. Each organisation focuses on a specific area such as communication, defence, finance, environment, education and training, health and community services, workplace relations, immigration, science, tourism, transport, and so on.

The APS provides flexible and diverse career paths, employing over 239,000 people across Australia and overseas. APS job opportunities are varied and rewarding. And you get to work on issues that affect Australian life.

The APS employs people from a variety of backgrounds and with different levels of experience and qualifications. You can learn more about applying for Australian Government jobs in the publication Cracking the Code or on the Australian Public Service Commission website. The Australian Public Service Commission also provides a dedicated pathway for graduates with disability.

There is also extra support for people with disability who are looking to apply for jobs in the APS. This scheme is called RecruitAbility. The Australian Public Service Commission website includes a guide to help people with disability find and apply for APS jobs advertised under the RecruitAbility scheme.

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