How JobAccess can empower SMEs to achieve business growth

8 May 2023

a man and woman looking at a laptop screen in a cafe
Image: a man and woman looking at a laptop screen in a cafe.

JobAccess assists people with disability to secure and keep jobs. The program also supports small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to increase inclusivity in their workforce.

A recent survey found that 47 per cent of SMEs want to grow their business. JobAccess can play a critical role in helping them achieve this goal.

JobAccess can help SMEs create a more inclusive workplace. Employers can also access a diverse talent pool thanks to information, resources and support from JobAccess.

This can increase innovation, productivity and profitability. It can also create more job opportunities for people with disability.

Create valuable partnerships to encourage growth

JobAccess can help SMEs hire employees with disability and grow their business. This will also have a positive impact on society, JobAccess General Manager Daniel Valiente-Riedl said.

Research shows that hiring people with disability is a good strategy for growth. It taps into individuals that employers sometimes overlook.

JobAccess can help SMEs make changes and enjoy the benefits. SMEs might find this easy to do because of their agile business size and flexibility.

Explore a range JobAccess supports

JobAccess helps employers hire people with disability by providing help, guidance and resources. Employers can contact a JobAccess Adviser at 1800 464 800 to learn more.

The JobAccess Employer Toolkit is another useful support. The free online resource offers practical advice and information to attract, recruit, and keep people with disability.

The Australian Government’s Employment Assistance Fund (EAF) provides financial help to employers and people with disability to cover the costs of workplace adjustments.

BindiMaps makes the most of JobAccess supports

BindiMaps created a mobile app to help people with vision impairment. The app helps people to navigate both indoor and outdoor public spaces easily.

As a start-up, BindiMaps knew the importance of customer feedback. They hired Cassandra Embling, who is blind, as a Customer Success Representative. Cassandra’s unique lived experience and her input would prove valuable to the company.

BindiMaps applied for workplace accommodations through the EAF. Cassandra received a screen reader and a Braille Display for proofreading. She also received a Bluetooth keyboard in a short time frame.

BindiMaps expanded its services by using feedback Cassandra and the customers Cassandra has engaged with. Cassandra has also been able to excel in her role with the support provided.

“With Cassandra helping us to go out to meet and engage one-on-one with our customers and collect feedback, it has allowed us to implement changes we did not know about,” Mladen adds.

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