Key Messages for Intermediaries

Top line - General messaging for all applications

  1. Hiring a new employee? The right person for the job might be a person with disability.
  2. Having a recruitment process that is inclusive of people with disability is simple, effective and important.
  3. There is a large, talented pool of candidates with disability who are reliable and ready to work.
  4. Tailored support and employment services can help you hire the right person, saving time and money.
  5. A diverse and inclusive business is more competitive.

Raise awareness

“It’s easier than you think.”

Increase awareness among SMEs of the supports available to them when employing people with disability, specifically through JobAccess.

  1. Hiring a person with disability is rewarding and helps improve team culture.
  2. It’s easy to open up your recruitment process to be as inclusive as possible.
  3. Resources and advice are available to help you employ and support people with disability.
  4. There’s funding available to help make your workplace ready.
  5. You can access tools for small to medium-sized businesses online and contact JobAccess for personalised support.

“It’s good for business.”

Increase awareness of the benefits of employing people with disability.

  1. People with disability are proven to be reliable and productive employees across industries.
  2. People with disability are talented and able. There’s someone with the right skills to benefit your business.
  3. By up-skilling staff members with disability, you’re growing your business’ capacity and capability. It’s good for business and for your community.
  4. Businesses that hire people with disability report better profits and a have happier team.

Inspire and explain

“What’s in it for me?”

Increase likelihood of SMEs considering and being open to employing people with disability (including using inclusive recruitment processes).

  1. Hiring a person with disability is rewarding and helps improve team culture.
  2. Hiring a person with disability could lead you to the best person for the job.
  3. You can access grants and financial incentives to assist.
  4. Having a person with disability on staff will help you connect with a broader customer-base.
  5. You’ll be able to implement a person with disability’s unique perspective into your products and services.
  6. Being seen as an inclusive employer is good for business.

Ready and empower

“How do I start/what help’s available?”

Build confidence in SMEs who are open to employing a person with disability by ensuring there is easy, clear and accessible information available about supports.

  1. Step-by-step support is available to help you hire and retain a person with disability.
  2. Ensuring your recruitment process is inclusive of people with disability is easy to do.
  3. The JobAccess Employer Toolkit has everything you need to get started as a small to medium- sized business looking to hire a person with disability.
  4. Incentives and support are easy to access.
  5. There are Disability Employment Services to help you find job-ready candidates, with end-to- end recruitment services, at no cost.
  6. By using the available support, you will employ the best person for the job.

Adopt and commit

“Contributing to employment and benefitting”

Promote inclusive, open employment among SMEs, to encourage more SMEs to demonstrate a commitment to employing people with disability, and sharing in the benefits.

  1. Businesses from every industry are benefiting from hiring people with disability.
  2. Teams are stronger and workplaces are richer when they include members with different abilities.
  3. Join others in improving the diversity and strength of Australian business.

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