Developing a disability employment strategy

To ensure your organisation maintains access to Australia’s full talent pool, you might consider developing a disability employment strategy.

A disability employment strategy can help clarify issues such as recruitment processes, guidelines for shortlisting candidates, protocols for interviewing people with disability, and engaging with providers of Disability Employment Services.

Your organisation’s disability employment strategy may also include ways to raise the level of disability awareness in your workplace.

Celebrating key dates throughout the year, such as the International Day for People with Disability, can raise awareness among your staff. Holding disability awareness training sessions may also be useful. Some organisations develop an internal network of staff members who are keen to promote a more inclusive, diverse workforce.

Employers can get help to develop their disability employment strategies through the National Disability Recruitment Coordinator. Employers can also contact a JobAccess Adviser on 1800 464 800 to be connected to the NDRC.

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