Developing a disability action plan

Man giving a presentation to four othersDeveloping and implementing a disability action plan is a proactive way to comply with the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act 1992. 

Your disability action plan should outline ways that your organisation will ensure that your goods, services, premises and facilities are accessible and non-discriminatory to people with disability.

Although the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 defines action plans in relation to providing goods and services to customers, it makes perfect business sense to include your employment policies and practices within these plans.

To learn more about policies and procedures and to download a disability inclusion action plan template visit the Employer Toolkit.

To view some examples of disability action plans from organisations of varying sizes, go to the Register of Disability Discrimination Act Action Plans.

For more information on how your organisation can create its own disability action plan, visit Australian Human Rights Commission—Developing an effective Action Plan.

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