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More and more businesses are realising the benefits that come from employing people with disability.

This means great opportunities for you as a Disability Employment Service provider to build strong relationships with these employers and place more capable, talented people with disability into long-term jobs.

Our DES provider really took the time to find someone that had the right skills and experience for the job that we needed to fill.

When Michael arrived, we trained him to the standards that we expect from our staff members. Michael is one of the most loved staff members here. Well respected and everyone trusts him.

Successful DES providers work closely with the employers in their community to understand their skill and labour needs to match them with the best people for the job.

Our business is quite specific, so our DES provider ensures people like Marcus get the training they require for the job. Assistance can be tailored to job seekers depending on their personal circumstances, skills and aspirations.

My DES provider helped me prepare for job interviews and makes sure I'm running on time. I've been at my job for four months and it's really fun and enjoyable.

It is important for DES providers to work proactively with both participants and employers to make sure that everyone benefits from the employment relationship.

There are some things Ben might find easier to talk about with his DES provider rather than me as his manager. So it's great to know that Ben has that ongoing support from his provider to make sure things run smoothly and Ben can continue to do the great job he's been doing.

DES providers need to ensure their services are accessible for people with disability, injury and illness.

This is outlined in the DES Code of Practice which sets out principles and standards certified against the National Standards for Disability Services. You can find the DES Code of Practice on the Provider Portal.

My DES provider makes sure that I'm happy at my job and regularly calls me. It's really good to have a provider that makes sure I have a job that I really enjoy.

DES providers are required to know what government programs and services are available and what the eligibility conditions are.

Our DES provider helped us apply for the Employment Assistance Fund so we could have a workplace assessment done for Ben.

There's actually quite a lot of support out there for employees and employers to make sure that the placement works.

There are increased financial incentives for providers to get jobs for job seekers that are harder to place.

Outcome fees are paid to DES providers after 4, 13, 26 and 52 weeks to encourage longer-term job outcomes. I've been here 14 years. I like my job a lot.

We can't imagine life without Ben, because he does such a great job. Service fees are paid to providers quarterly based on the progress of the participant.

A maximum of six service fees will be paid for the period a participant is in employment assistance. More information about outcome and service fee payments is provided in the DES guidelines.

You can manage your participant and employer records, appointments and case loads and make payment claims through the ESS Web, which is the IT system that supports the DES program.

The Learning Centre can assist you with training your staff on how to use the ESS Web and to find out about DES operational policy.

It's really importanto find a provider that understands what I'm looking for. Participants can change providers if they are not happy with the service they are getting. They can change up to five times at their own discretion. Service fees will follow the participant if they change providers.

I went on the JobAccess website to find more information about DES providers. The information on the website can help people like me and employers choose which providers we want to work with.

We can also recommend a provider or give feedback to help others make their choice.

The performance of disability employment service providers is measured against an agreed performance framework.

This informs the star rating system. Providers that have a 5-star rating are the highest-performing providers. Star ratings are updated on the JobAccess website every four months.

Our provider provided us with an extremely good candidate and I would definitely recommend the DES program to other employers.

I love my job and I met new friends. I like working here.

For more information about DES and Work Assist, visit or call JobAccess on 1800 464 800.

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