Promoting yourself to a potential employer

People with disability often have more to offer an employer than they realise.

When looking for work, it’s important that you understand your strengths and weaknesses. Think about the skills, interests and abilities you can offer an employer, but be honest about any limitations you know you have.

Make a list of jobs that interest you. Understand the tasks involved in these jobs. Make sure you can safely perform all or most of these tasks. You can get more help in our Careers advice and training courses section.

Ask yourself if your disability could affect how you perform the job. Ask yourself if your disability might prevent you from working safely. If the answer to either of these questions is “yes”, talk to your prospective employer about your disability. You can explore the benefits of mentioning your disability in our Discussing your disability at interview page.

When talking to employers, be positive about your skills and circumstances. Keep discussions brief and to the point. Use positive words such as “I am able to…”. Don’t dwell on your disability.

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