Discussing your disability at interview

You should tell your potential employer about your disability if it is likely to affect how you can do the advertised job. You should also mention your disability if it will affect your ability to work safely and ensure the safety of your co-workers.

Reasons why people mention their disability

Mentioning your disability creates trust and an open relationship with your employer. It allows you to talk about how your work will be performed to the necessary standards. It also allows you to discuss changes that could be made in the workplace to help you carry out the job. Making such changes may also avert a crisis at a later stage.

If your disability has no effect on your ability to do the job or to work safely, you are entitled not to mention it.

What information to discuss

You only need to provide information about how your disability may affect your ability to do the job. You can also mention changes to the workplace and working schedule to ensure you have a fair chance of getting the job. You do not need to talk about specific medical or personal information.

Why mention your disability before the interview?

If it is necessary for you to mention your disability, there are many good reasons for doing so before you go to an interview:

  • It eliminates any surprises or awkwardness when you get to the interview
  • It lets you have a frank conversation with the employer about disability issues in relation to doing the advertised job
  • It means you can ‘sell’ your skills and abilities (and ways to work around your disability) to the employer before the interview
  • It lets you talk about whether or not work-related changes and/or support services are needed
  • It lets you tell whether or not an organisation is a fair employer
  • It allows you to ask about the organisation's support structures for employees with disability
  • It allows the employer to provide access to the building, if mobility is an issue.

Financial help with changing the workplace

If you and your employer agree to make changes to the workplace to help you do the job, you can tell your employer about the Employment Assistance Fund. This fund pays for the costs of modifying the workplace or purchasing special equipment.

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