Applying for a job if your disability is episodic

Some people suffer from conditions that may be worse at some times than at other times. Such conditions are described as ‘episodic’ and include epilepsy and some mental illnesses.

There may be times when your disability does not allow you to do all the tasks involved with your job. There may be other times when you are unable to go to work at all.

When applying for jobs, it is important that you are honest with your employer that your disability could affect your work performance at certain times. Many employers will make an effort to change your work environment or your working hours to overcome the effects of your disability.

Have an open discussion with your potential employer about any medication, pain management or ‘time off’ needs you may have. Talk about any other special requirements that might arise due to your disability.

You might consider offering to do some work experience with a particular company. This may help to work out the hours you can work. It may also help explore ways the workplace can be changed to allow for your disability.

If you feel particularly distressed about attending an interview, you can ask your disability employment service provider to come with you. Your provider can help explain the nature of your disability and how it may affect your work.

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