DES Performance Assessment

In December 2021, DES providers received notification of the performance assessment for both the DES – Disability Management Service (DES-DMS)
and DES – Employment Support Service (DES-ESS).

Outcome of the Assessment

All providers were assessed. This resulted in 52 DES providers having their services reduced or discontinued:

  • 44 will have at least one of their DES services discontinued
  • 8 will have all of their DES services discontinued.

Published Formal Performance Assessment Outcomes August 2022

The DES providers were assessed using the DES Star Ratings system. This measures how well providers perform placing participants in sustainable, longer‑term employment.

DES Star Ratings allow a direct comparison of providers across Australia.

Choosing a new provider

Affected DES participants will receive a text message and letter telling them that their DES provider will not deliver services in their area anymore. 

They will be asked to choose a new provider in their area who can provide a better quality service.

Participants will be supported by their current DES provider until they transfer to a new provider.

If these participants have mutual obligations, these will be suspended from 22 August 2022 to 23 October 2022 (inclusive). This will give affected participants time to start working with their new provider.

How to find a provider

Participants can choose a new DES provider close to where they live. A list of providers is included at the end of their letter.

  1. Go to find a provider.
  2. Enter in the participant’s postcode and the contract type (DES-ESS or DES-DMS). 
  3. A list of providers will come up. 

Call the National Customer Service Line on 1300 854 414* to let them know once the participant has found a new provider. They will help the participant transfer to their new provider. 

The new provider will contact the participant to arrange an appointment.

If the participant does not choose a new provider

If the participant does not choose a new provider by 7 October 2022, they will be moved to a provider with a good Star Rating close to where they live.   

This means the provider:  

  • delivers good services in their area
  • will help them get a job
  • will give them the support they need 

If the participant already has a job

If the participant already has a job, and they agree, the new provider will tell their employer what’s happening. This will make sure they still get the support they need.

More information

Call the National Customer Service Line on 1300 854 414* or talk to your current provider.

*Call charges may apply for calls to ‘13’ and ‘1800’ numbers from mobile phones.

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