PaTH Internships

5 April 2017

PaTH Internships are short placements in the workplace that give young people an opportunity to demonstrate their skills to a potential employer, develop vocational skills and improve their employment prospects.

PaTH Internships are voluntary, and run for 30 to 50 hours per fortnight, over four to 12 weeks. Interns do not receive payment from the employer during this time, but can continue to receive their normal income support payment and are also eligible for an additional fortnightly incentive payment of $200.

PaTH Internships do not necessarily lead to ongoing employment, but a host employer can choose to offer an employment placement at any time if they consider that an intern has demonstrated appropriate ability.

People who registered in jobactive, Transition to Work or Disability Employment Services may be eligible to participate in a PaTH Internship.

Employers and employment services providers will start offering PaTH Internship opportunities from 1 April 2017. Your employment services provider will have information about any PaTH Internship opportunities in your region.

More information about PaTH Internships, including internship opportunities in your area, is available on the jobactive website.

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