AccessAbility Day 2017

Friday 8th December 2017, marked the end of the 2017 AccessAbility Day pilot which ran from 4–8 December with more than 240 employers registered across eight locations in both regional and metro Australia, collectively hosting over 440 people with disability in their workplace for a day. We would like to thank all those involved in making AccessAbility Day 2017 a great success.

AccessAbility Day a resounding success

Registrations for AccessAbility Day 2017 have now closed.
Graham Quirk

“Like any employee, people with a disability bring passion, knowledge, skills and experience to their jobs. Employers should focus on people’s abilities, and understand that any individual can experience barriers when performing their job.”
The Right Honourable, the Lord Mayor of Brisbane, Councillor Graham Quirk

2017 AccessAbility Day Pilot

The 2017 AccessAbility Day pilot aims to bring people with disability and employers together for one day.  Employers can connect with a person with disability and see their potential in the workplace, while people with disability can have an opportunity to experience a workplace or role.

This year, AccessAbility Day will take place in several trial sites across Australia:

  • Gosford, NSW
  • Bunbury, WA
  • Hobart, TAS
  • Maryborough, QLD
  • Bundaberg, QLD
  • Toowoomba, QLD
  • Woodridge and Browns Plains (Logan), QLD
  • Elizabeth, SA

Lynne Anderson

“It is important that we give equal opportunities to people with disabilities as they can contribute just as much or even more than their able-bodied counterparts.”
Lynne Anderson, CEO, Paralympic Committee


Frequently Asked Questions

Glossary of terms

AccessAbility Day Champions Network: comprises employers and disability advocates across Australia helping to promote the AccessAbility Day initiative and the positive contribution of people with disability in the workplace.

Activity Host Organisation: an organisation which hosts the participant in the AccessAbility Day initiative.

Disability Employment Services (DES) provider: facilitates the placement of people with disability with prospective employers as part of the AccessAbility Day initiative.

Employer: an organisation registered to be involved in AccessAbility Day, and host a placement (s) of a person or persons with disability.

Local Steering Committee: a group chaired and facilitated by the Department of Social Services (DSS) in each pilot location. The Committee will consist of representatives from DSS, local government, Disability Employment Services providers (DES) and JobAccess.  The purpose of the Committee is to pre-plan for local AccessAbility Day events and ensure the success of the initiative. The Committee will meet regularly prior to the events to discuss progress.

Participant: the person with disability taking part in the AccessAbility Day initiative.

Placement:  the day that a person with disability will spend with an employer as part of the AccessAbility Day initiative. A placement is for one day only and is entirely voluntary for both the employer and person with disability.

Registration: registering your interest to be involved in AccessAbility Day. Once registered, you will be contacted by a local DES provider to oganise an AccessAbility Day placement.

With thanks to participating local councils


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