National Disability Recruitment Coordinator

About the National Disability Recruitment Coordinator

The NDRC is a free service that helps large employers achieve their disability employment goals. The NDRC can:

  • help you develop recruitment and employment practices that support the employment of people with disability
  • help you develop vacancies for people with disability
  • advertise your vacancies to Disability Employment Services Program Providers
  • provide disability employment training to your staff
  • provide information about other Australian Government assistance
  • connect you with Disability Employment Services providers to source potential employees.

More information on how the NDRC can help your company reach its diversity goals is available:

Employer Seminars

Getting to Yes, Employing People with Disability, LogoThe NDRC holds free Employer Seminars to help get you started with vital information. For more information or to register, see the Employer Seminars page.

Contact us

WorkFocus Australia is contracted by the Australian Government to provide the National Disability Recruitment Coordinator service. Contact JobAccess or the NDRC provider to find out how they can help you improve the diversity of your organisation.

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