Business benefits

What are the benefits to my business of employing people with disability?

There are some great reasons why Australia needs to adapt its workforce.  Our society is ageing. We need people to stay in the work force for longer. We need to attract people who are not in the workforce, but who are able to work.

Many industries have large skill and labour shortages.  Employers need to make use of Australia’s un-tapped workforce to meet the needs of business.

People with disability bring a range of skills, abilities and qualifications to the workplace. Many businesses already employ workers with disability because it makes good business sense.  Employees with disability:

  • have fewer accidents at work.  Workers compensation costs for people with disability are as low as 4 per cent of the workers compensation costs of other employees.  The Safe Work Australia report answers the question:  Are people with disability at risk at work?  See our Related Links.
  • have lower absenteeism and take less sick leave than other employees.
  • can cost less than other employees—as low as 13 per cent of the cost of the other employees.
  • build staff morale and teamwork
  • raise management awareness of workplace practices and conditions, and
  • increase customer and staff loyalty.

More information?

To view videos on employer experiences employing people with disability, visit:


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