Being a disability confident organisation

“Disability Confidence" is thinking about the needs of people with disability when designing your products and services, and when creating employment opportunities.

Being disability confident can help you attract a wider pool of job applicants, and help retain talented employees with disability.

What does being ‘disability confident’ mean?

A disability confident organisation is an organisation that puts policies into practice to ensure people with disability are included.

Managers in a disability confident organisation know  it is important to their business to employ people with disability. They have  plans to ensure a diverse workplace.

Managers and staff in a disability confident organisation understand disability.  They know what people with disability can do, and have identified ways to address barriers to employment or promotion for people with disability.

Understanding legislation

The Disability Discrimination Act 1992 provides protection for everyone in Australia against discrimination based on disability. Employers should be aware of their responsibilities under the Act.

What type of work can people with disability do?

All employees bring a range of skills, talents and abilities to the workplace, including employees with disability.  Many people with disability are tertiary or trade qualified and hold senior managerial positions.

Mental health and wellbeing at work

Understanding and managing mental illness in the workplace can help reduce the impact on your employees and the financial impact on your organisation. These fact sheets provide advice on planning and managing the mental health of your organisation.

Understanding mental illness

Mental illness affects one in five people, regardless of background, age group, level of education or professional experience.

Understanding disability

Disability is a term covering impairments, activity limitations, and participation restrictions and is part of diversity in our culture.

How to create a Disability Action Plan

A Disability Action Plan is a way to plan the removal of discrimination against people with disability in the workplace. The step–by-step guide can help you plan a better workplace so that you meet the needs of your employees and customers with disability. 

There is help available to employers who employ people with disability:

If you are not sure where to begin, call the JobAccess Advisers on 1800 464 800 or online using our Online Enquiry Form:

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