How to apply for a job

You have found a job vacancy or position that interests you. The next step is to apply in a way that clearly shows you have the ability, skills and experience to do the job. The jobaccess website provides information to help you apply for that job!

How to build a resume

A resume is the key job search tool to promote your skills, work history and assets to potential employers. Learn how to develop your resume to give you the best chance of winning that job!

Phoning an employer

When you are looking for work, you may need to call the employer. This may be for a phone interview or as a first contact to see whether you and the employer are interested in you continuing your application in writing.

Writing to an employer

Our step by step guide will help you prepare when writing to an employer.

How to write a job application

Written applications generally form a key part of an employer’s selection process. Employers use selection processes to select who they should interview for a job by assessing skills, qualities, experience and qualifications.

How to promote yourself and your skills to an employer

Job seeking is a daunting task for anyone. You can increase your chances of finding and keeping a job if you know your strengths and limits and know how to present yourself.

How to write selection criteria

Many jobs require you to address selection criteria that state the knowledge, skills and abilities required to do the job. Find out how to put your best foot forward when writing selection criteria for a job application.

How to apply for Australian Government jobs

jobaccess has some tips on what to keep in mind when applying for Australian Government jobs.

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