Financial help and wage information is available to help you employ an eligible person with disability.

Auslan interpreting and co-worker training

The Employment Assistance Fund provides funding for Auslan interpreters to assist with a range of work related activities including Auslan interpreting for job interviews, Auslan interpreting in the workplace, Deafness awareness training and Auslan course studies for co-workers.

Help with wages

The Supported Wage System is a process that allows employers to pay less than the award wage by matching a person's productivity with a fair wage. The Supported Wage System pays for productivity-based wage assessments to determine fair pay for fair work.

Wage subsidies help employers cover the initial costs of wages and training. There are a range of wage subsidies that employers can access via a Disability Employment Service or a Job Services Australia provider.

Workplace modifications and adjustments

The Employment Assistance Fund helps to pay for the cost of workplace adjustments or solutions that accommodate a worker with disability in a job. Financial assistance is also available for disability and mental health awareness training

Workplace assistance and mental health support services

Funding is available to cover the cost of specialised workplace assistance support services such as disability awareness training, mental health first aid training and support for people with mental illness and specific learning disorders.

Work experience activities

Work experience provides many benefits for your business and for job seekers. Work Experience Activities will meet the cost of work-related insurance (personal accident and public liability insurance) for eligible job seekers.  This is one of the main barriers for employers when considering work experience.

Need help?

If you can’t find the information you need or have questions, contact the JobAccess Advisers on 1800 464 800 or by using the Online Enquiry Form:

Last updated: 04-04-2013